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Tustin Roofing Company is a leading name in providing all types of roofing services in our area. The roof is an important element of any building as it serves many purposes. You cannot imagine a house or any building surrounded by four walls without a roof.

We are known for providing customized solutions keeping the taste and requirement of various needs of our esteemed clients. If you are looking for budget-friendly, reliable, and customized roofing solutions, connect with us at (714) 844-1953

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We are serving the need for roof installation, roof repairs, roof inspection, etc. through our dedicated team. We provide our services for both residential and commercial sectors with equal zeal and a quest to take our brand further in the industry. We are armed with a dedicated craftsman that delivers nothing but the best every time they take up roof restoration, roof replacement, gutter installation, etc.

Some of the types of roofs that we, at Tustin Roofing Company deal with are gable, hip, mansard, gambrel, skillion, intersecting, sawtooth, curved, pyramid, dome, dutch gable, jerkinhead, saltbox, m shaped, bonnet.

Types of Roof

The topmost structure of any building protects from many natural calamities. Sunlight, heat, rains, hail storms, etc. are some issues that disturb us. A roof protects us all from these problems. If you need any type of roofing work for your home or any other building, you should know the best roofing contractors.

There are various types available when it comes to roofing. It would be better if you are familiar with the requirements of your house or buildings. We carry out roof inspection first to suggest the most suitable type of roofing. We have assisted many clients with residential and commercial roofing projects with utmost satisfaction. 

A look at the type of roofs will surely help you in understanding your needs better. Some of them are mentioned below:


This is the most popular roof type and is also known as a pithed or peak roof. You can easily recognize them as they are triangular. For hilly areas, this is the best as it automatically sheds the rain and snow. The design is very simple and easy to build. 


It is like a pyramid with a flat top, which means it has slopes on all sides. This type is more established than gable roofs. They provide better security in the event of rain, thunders storm, and high winds. Snow or rainwater are not stored as they slide off easily due to its shape. 


It is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side. It is a very popular style that provides extra living space. If you have any plans for home additions in the future, then it is the best type as it provides the flexibility of experimentation. 


It is somewhat like a mansard roof with two different slopes, but it has only two sides, unlike a mansard. These types are used in barns, log cabins, and farmhouses. 


A single sloping roof is attached to a much taller wall, which gives it a more flat surface. This type is used as a modern style of roofing in many houses. 

Besides the above mentioned, there are more types of roof like intersecting, sawtooth, curved, pyramid, dome, dutch gable, jerkinhead, saltbox, m-shaped, bonnet, etc. Contact our experts at Tustin Roofing Company for a better understanding of roof types in Tustin. All you need to do is give us a call at (714) 844-1953, and one of our experts will be at your service asap!