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Are you a homeowner in Tustin who has been told to get a new roof because of the wear and tear to your existing roof? Do you wonder if there is an alternative solution that can spare you from spending a lot of money? If yes, and if your home has built-up roofing, you have come to the right place. 

We are Tustin Roofing Company, having tons of experience in installing and repairing built-up roofing (BUR) properties in the properties of homeowners and commercial property owners in Tustin and the surrounding area.

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What is Built-up Roofing?

Built-up roofing, referred to as BUR, is a prevalent type of roofing used by homeowners with flat or low slope roofs. The top layer of this type of roof is made up of asphalt or bitumen, and it is covered with gravel or stone. It is a multilayered roof with alternate layers of asphalt and reinforcing fabric. The reason it is preferred by clients having a flat roof is that it creates a single surface that is sealed. These homeowners do not go for roof shingles as they are not capable of complete sealing. Also, shingles are not perfect for a flat or low sloping roof. 

Different Variations of BUR

Built-up roofing has been around for more than 150 years in the United States. It is the materials and the method of installation that has continuously evolved over this long time. The latest type of built-up roofing contains rigid insulation that improves the home’s energy efficiency. 

In the majority of the roofs created by our skilled roofers in Tustin, there are three components. There are the ply sheets, asphalt or bitumen, and one or several surfacing materials. Bitumen is either hot or cold, depending upon the requirements of the roof. Hot bitumen is like a dense liquid, and it is poured during installation. On the other hand, cold asphalt is stable and works like adhesive. Nowadays, homeowners prefer raw bitumen as there are no toxic fumes created at the time of installation. Also, cold bitumen can be used in any weather condition. It has also been found to be better in terms of performance than hot asphalt.  

The Top Layer is Made of Gravel or Stone

It is the ply sheets used in built-up roofing that need special mention. These sheets are reinforced with chemicals and fiberglass for excellent strength. These sheets are laid over bitumen, and they bond with the roof correctly. Once bitumen and play sheets have been laid, the top surface is prepared with stone or gravel. The primary purpose of this layer is to protect the ply sheets form any damage caused by falling debris. It also makes the roof safe to walk upon. 

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