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Membrane roofing is an umbrella term that is used to refer to not one but several roofing materials. Historically, it was tar and pitch, but of late, many synthetic materials have been started to create membrane roof by roofing contractors around the country. You have come to the right place if you are searching for a top-quality roofing contractor specializing in membrane roofs. 

We, at Tustin Roofing Company, have been looking after the membrane roofing requirements of residents of Tustin for a very long time.

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What Is Meant By a Membrane Roof?

In Tustin and its surrounding areas, we offer high-quality, leak-proof membrane roof installation and repair services to our clients. Most homeowners with flat roofs prefer this membrane roofing system because of its excellent resistance to moisture. In flat roof homes, it is essential to prevent waterlogging on the roof so that it does not start to leak and penetrate the structure. Tustin membrane roofing is a perfect way of ensuring water does not come in contact with the roof. 

In a membrane roof, a watertight seal is created by the first speeding roofing felt. Hot tar is spread over this felt, and later films of pitch and stone or gravel mixture are laid to make sure water does not come in contact with the roof. There are several alternating layers in a membrane roof to make it waterproof. This roof provides a gentle slope needed to guide the rainwater to flow to the drain system.

Different Types of Membrane Roofs

Membrane roofs first arrived on the scene in the 1950s. In the last 70 years, there has been advancement in technology and the kind of materials that are used by roofers for the installation of a membrane roof for their clients. 

Membrane Roof Made of Synthetic Rubber

In this type of membrane roof, large pieces of synthetic rubber are weld together to create a flat surface with a gentle slope.

Thermoplastic Membrane Roof

In this type of membrane roof, we make use of thermoplastic rather than synthetic rubber. Several sheets of TP membranes are joined at the seam with the help of a solvent or heat. 

Advantages of Membrane Roof

Membrane roof has emerged as a very durable solution for flat roofs. This is the reason why it has gained in popularity among homeowners in Tustin and its surrounding areas. It has proved to be a much better option that a built-up roof that is made using bitumen or asphalt felt, and a top layer of gravel. Membrane roof not only lasts long but also needs very little maintenance. If in case there is a leakage, it can be detected and treated quickly and easily by our skilled and experienced craftsmen. 

We at Tustin Roofing Company create and repair membrane roofs that are environment friendly and also visually appealing.

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