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As homeowners, very often, we tend to take shed roof for granted, don’t we? The fact that it accounts for a mere 3% of the total value of your construction might be the reason. But a roof is much more than a mere part of the construction. It protects from the climate, but it also forms a vital part overall look at your home. 

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Shed Roof Contractors in Tustin, CA

Shed roof, also known as pent roof and skillion roof, is one of the types of flat roofs. However, it has a steep slope on either side. Usually, there are no low points or corners on the wall sides. The steepness of the shed roof depends upon the design selected by you.

This type of roof was prevalent only in sheds. Slowly, it is gaining more and more popular among homeowners due to the unique look it gives to your home.

The shed roof can be used to cover the whole of your home or a part of it. We provide you with a catalog consisting of several designs. We will help you find the most suitable one for you, considering your requirements and budget.

Advantages of Shed Roof

Following are the advantages you will get from shed roofs built by us:

Gives Your Home A Simple, Unique, and Different Look

Roof with a steep slope looks different and contemporary from other ordinary houses. You can come up with a variety of designs. We have a team of well-trained, dedicated, and experienced architects who will help you with all your dreams. Also, it saves a lot of interior space.

Low Cost

As the materials needed for constructing this type of roof is very less, it becomes very cost-effective. Moreover, the process of building this is very easy as compared to other roof types. So, it saves a lot on the labor cost and takes less time to get completed too.

Better Water Shedding

Since it has steep slopes, it more easily and efficiently sheds the rainwater than the roofs having multiple valleys. It is known to shed the snow too.

More Ventilation

Shed Roofs often need tall walls. These tall walls can house tall and bigger windows allowing more natural sunlight and ventilation to enter your home.

Supports Easy Installation of Solar Panels

Roof with multiple valleys makes it hard to install large solar panels. Shed roofs due to the huge space support the easy installation of large solar panels.

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There are several other benefits of building a home with a shed roof. If you have already made your mind about it, reach us at (714) 844-1953. We at Tustin Roofing Company are well equipped with advanced tools, technology, and trained team of workers to undertake your project of any magnitude and complete it to your satisfaction.