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We provide the finest solar roofs in Tustin, California. If you have stumbled upon this website while searching for a top solar tile roof contractor near you. Solar roofing is the latest concept in a green and energy-efficient home that uses the sun’s heat for illumination, heating, and cooling.

We manufacture and install solar panels and solar shingles and solar tiles to provide a beautiful and robust roof over the home and make sure that this roof fulfills the home owner’s energy requirements.

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Enjoy Tile Roof Tiles Solar Technology from the Leaders

You need to move forward if you think of huge solar panels over the roofs of a home when imagining solar energy. We have made significant advancements in technology and created solar tiles to perform the dual functions of roofing and storing energy. With the help of these tiles, we can install solar roofs in our clients’ homes that are also sturdy and durable to protect from the elements. These tiles provide a clean and beautiful look to the roof and protect the home from any kind of water leakage.

Solar Tile Roofs – High Energy Efficiency and Loads of Strength

If you think that solar panels are a better option and you should go with a traditional roof with the help of your roofing contractor, think again. Our solar tiles are a perfect combination of strength and energy production, giving a very high output to help run the homeowner’s appliances. We are the best-known city roofing company that has mastered the art and science of solar tiles. By choosing us over other roofing contractors, you ensure lifetime warranty on workmanship and quick and cheap repairs of your roof should there be any problem in the future.

Enjoy Working with Local Solar Tile Roofing Contractor

At Tustin Roofing Company, we have perfected the solar tile technology introduced by Tesla in 2016. Being an experienced local roofing contractor, you enjoy uninterrupted and continuous monitoring of your solar roof installed by us. The biggest worry of customers when thinking about a solar roof is its strength. They want to be reassured that it will withstand the vagaries of nature.

Most homeowners are concerned more about the safety and security of their loved ones. At Tustin Roofing Company, we can guarantee our clients about the safety of your solar tile roof. Our solar tiles are strong and durable, and they make up for a robust roof without any leakage or seepage of moisture. We provide the strongest warranty in this field on not just workmanship but also the longevity of our solar roof. You will never have to worry about your roof repair when you choose us.

We make sure that our customers do not have to suffer even for a single moment because of the breakdown of the solar roof installed in their homes.

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