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For all your roof installation, repair, and maintenance needs, call Tustin roofing company. Many homeowners and property managers in Tustin trust us for exceptional quality roofing services that save them valuable time and money. We are the city’s premier roofing company. And we back our claims with top class roofing services that come in different styles and patterns.

Because roofing is a broad concept that involves intense activities using different materials, we work with several materials to give you the best services every time. We’ve worked with homeowners on concrete roofing, wood, slates, synthetic slates, solar, fiberglass, metal, and clay, to mention just a few.

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About Tustin Roofing Company

As our name suggests, we are Tustin’s most trusted roofing company, bringing high-quality and stylish roofing designs in the entire region. Our primary goal is to give the most elegant roofing solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial clients in Tustin city and its vicinity. With a track record of meeting the client’s roofing needs and a rich industry experience, you will have peace of mind knowing you are working with the industry experts. 

We prioritize top talent in the industry, and our roofing team is composed of specialist roofers who handpicked from the city’s top brands. A careful review of our portfolio shows a committed team of roofing experts who give value for investment. Whenever you want to give your backyard a new look using top-quality roofing materials, reach out to us for the following:

  • Gable
  • Jerkinhead
  • Intersecting
  • Dutch gable
  • Skillion
  • Mansard
  • Saltbox
  • M-shaped
  • Bonnet
  • Hip
  • Pyramid
  • Dome
  • Sawtooth
  • Curved

Our Roofing Materials

When exploring the possibility of completing your roofing project, you will be spoilt for choice. Roofing materials are diverse. Depending on your preferences, we would be glad to offer any of the following:

  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Fiberglass roofs
  • Slate shingle roofs
  • Wood shingle roofs
  • Rubber slate roofs
  • Solar roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Metal roofs

Concrete Roofs

A concrete tile roof makes for a great option for high-quality roofs that protect against storm and harsh climate. The actual specifications for a concrete roof vary depending on the nature of the project, but we can offer up to a 7-inch slab in as many as three layers. To install this roof, you need specialist advice. 

For concrete roofs, one of our best options is flat roofing solutions. However, we also give complex sloping types that require top-class creativity and expertise to fit your housing style. We can cover your concrete roof with any finishing, shingles, and tiles to provide the favored look. We know that a concrete roof can easily collapse in case of snow accumulation or earthquake. We offer structural adjustments to give additional support and a long-lasting solution to your roofing needs. 

Why Choose Tustin Roofing Company?

Tustin roofing company comes to you with the latest in concrete roofing in a manner that fits your budget and preferences. As you may already know, Tustin concrete roof installation is a tedious task that requires expert knowledge and a committed team of roofers. We have experience in handling all roofing types and would be delighted to handle your next project. Call us now via (714) 844-1953 and request a free estimate.