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Rubber Slate Roof Services at Tustin Roofing Company

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  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutter Installation

Our services are not limited to the above list as we do more than that. What is required for a particular roof depends upon the proper inspection of the roof? We approach each task as an opportunity to prove our worth in addressing roof related issues. At Tustin Roofing Company, we have a dedicated workforce, latest techniques, and modern equipment to serve you better. 

Rubber Slate Roof

There are many roofing materials, and a rubber slate roof is a good option if you are contemplating installing roofs. There are many benefits of a rubber slate roof that make it a good choice for your next roof system. Rubber slate is a flexible material that allows it to get molded to any desired shape to fit any type of home or building. They resemble wood slate, stone slate, and clay-slate that increases its popularity as a favorite option for roofing. 

If you prefer natural substance, then a rubber slate roof is a good option as it gives the impression of natural material like stone or wood. It will not be an easy task to find the difference between a natural or rubber slate. This saves your money as you get a natural look at affordable prices. If you compare rubber slate with other natural material prices wise, you will find it much cheaper.

Why Use Rubber Slate Roofs?

Rubber slate provides exemplary impact resistance under all weather conditions. This material acts as a good shock absorber against falling objects. It is a lab-tested material that certifies it to withstand hail storms to a great extent. 

The material used to make rubber slate is used tires. This material provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays. And the same property of tires is transferred to the rubber slates. UV protection also ensures that it retains its color for a longer period. 

Why are Rubber Slate Roofs Better Than Others?

The lifetime of rubber slates is better than typical roofing material and can easily last up to 50 years. The versatility of rubber slates makes it a good choice for residential roofing as well as commercial roofing. Moreover, you can easily walk over rubber slate roofing, unlike tiled roof systems. There is no fear of cracking of slates as it is made of flexible rubber. 

Rubber slates are less bulky than stone or concrete tiles; hence it is easy to install. Call us, the leading rubber slate roof contractors in Tustin, Tustin Roofing Company at (714) 844-1953, to know more about rubber slate roof.